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Endless Possibilities stock a wide range of quirky and alternative style rugs in Dublin that can be used to brighten up any outdoor or indoor space in your home.

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Our selection of rugs in Dublin include:

Our selection of rugs in Dublin include:

  • Outdoor Rugs

  • Living Room Rugs

  • Large Rugs

  • Bedroom Rugs

  • Hallway Rugs

  • Vintage Rugs

  • Small Rugs

We ensure every rug in our Dublin showroom is made with proper backing and that good quality threads are used in production. Our rugs in Dublin have been sourced ethically and we make every effort to sell rugs that are made of repurposed materials.

Endless Possibilities prioritise quality design and sustainability along with providing customers with interesting pattern rugs.

Endless Possibilities is the perfect place for anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional mass produced rugs you see in every furniture store. Come visit us in Kilternan, Co. Dublin to see our full range of rugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am trying to find rugs for sale in Dublin. Where are you based?

    Endless Possibilities is based in Kilternan, Co. Dublin. Visit our showroom to view our full range of rugs in Dublin and find quirky home essentials.

  • Do you sell outdoor rugs?

    Yes. We stock a wide range of modern and vintage rugs that are suitable to use both indoors and outdoors. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products.